Transmission layout is essential

Transmission link network focus will bring benefits beyond expectation. The design of physical links is the base for quality and efficiency of all higher transport layers. Also, the physical link layers are typically costly - in particular diging for fiber.  Netonomics optimization handles design where accurate optimization creates a great impact.

Netonomics contribution

Savings are typically large and some require qualified analysis and optimization.

Optimized design and governance methods in your network typically improves network quality and economics. Improvements are achieved by Netonomics' method creating a design and governance practice based on mathematical programming.

The results in Backbone projects, and efficiencies gained by our Access Tool are always double digit percentages.

Link design for the Access can be performed as a service by Netonomics, or in house by the operator using Netonomics software tool.

Design practice rules, as well as input and output formats are tailored to each operator. The powerful tool enables in-house handling of data, any number of simulations, and gradual adoption of rules until the best fit is found as input for the optimal design.

Applicable cases include: 

  • Transmission network expansion or upgrade
  • Technology introduction e.g. fiberization or CRAN or VRAN • 5G • FWA node choice
  • Mergers and sharing e.g. RAN sharing or link swapping
  • Network quality improvement • design governance • benchmarks
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