Backbone Design

We want the Backbone link network to maintain the required level of service. Several requirements as latency, capacity, and resilience are vital for that. Among the several aspects of resilience we design focus on protection against simultaneous link cuts, in particular securing a very low probability that any of it’s nodes becomes disconnected from the network. 
This resilience aspect of resilience can be seen Survivability which should be secured at lowest cost. 
In addition to advanced probability calculation to ensue resilience by independent links in the individual physical link level analysis, Netonomics applies any of the legacy design concepts as network strength and the reliability polynomial which provides the best solution.
The first step in a design project is typically to analyze the backbone to see if the downtime risk for any of it’s nodes is higher than required. 
If the analysis shows that any node has higher risk to fall out than required, Netonomics uses combinatorial optimization to design links that re3medy that deficiency at lowest cost. 
Please also see the Service Description.
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