Access Layout™
Multi-period Layout™
Backbone Design™

Access Layout

Link layout is designed to assure your desired resilience, throughput, and latency. This at the optimal cost. Importance of individual Radio Base Stations can be set e.g. according to traffic load. Resilience requirements can also be set per area or individual Radio Base Station.

Automated design allows fast scenario evaluation, typically resulting in large savings matching your required network quality. Optimization of CRAN throughput and selection of node types for Fixed Wireless Access can be included.

This is your in-house tool handling your data internally and testing of design rules optimized solutions until the most purpose fit is found. Also delivered as a service. 

Multi-period Layout - NEW LAUNCH!

Today planning is made period by period. This leads to sub-optimal investments compared to multi-period optimization which both improves quality and reduces total investment. 

Evolution of market demand and supply conditions, e.g. failed permitting, lead to changd design requirements over time. Such dynamic effects are predominantly seen in the Access network. Supply side changes may  include failed permitting for certain sites or links, or e.g. changes in implementation cost level.  

Single period planning over several time periods typically becomes slippery and later layouts fuzzy. Netonomics method optimizes cost and quality over periods taking uncertainties into account.
The resulting resource allocation balances current needs to long terms demands at the lowest overall cost.

Backbone Design

Thorough uptime analysis from mesh to individual fiber level is a service which can be followed by design ensuring resilience to several simultaneous link cuts.

At the best cost considering required throughput and latency.

Solutions consder sgtatic and/or dynamic IP routing and such specifics.

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